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Latest News

Chippenham Sci-Fi Festival

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Today I have spent the day volunteering to help out at the Chippenham sci-fi festival in the Town Hall. Now in its third year, the event has been really successful and lots of money was raised for good causes.

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Petition to amend MOD rules

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The three armed Services have their own rules for which names, Crests or Unit Badges can be used on private, family instigated memorials and/or their headstone, post mortem. The Royal Navy and Army state that any amount of service is acceptable, where as the RAF can require as much as 20 years service. I have

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Wiltshire Council’s armed forces community

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Wiltshire has very strong links with the Armed Forces community. I was pleased to see that Wiltshire Council staff who are members of the reserve forces, wore their service uniform to work today. As an ex-army veteran myself, I am extremely keen to make sure that these strong links continue into the future.

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